Look Great Without Overly Complicated Rituals

Clean, healthy skin doesn’t need to take hours of work. Or complex products that make you look like you just finished mud wrestling. No. In fact, simple is better. Mainly because when it’s simple, you’re more likely to follow it.

Cleanse. Hydrate. Reawaken.


The powerful ingredients do all the heavy lifting for you. So you can get on with your day knowing you look good.

Harness the Power of the Amazon

The Rainforest is an enchanting and mystical place. Teeming with life – and life-giving properties. From the fruit-bearing palm trees to the mineral rich clay found during the dry season. That’s where we gathered the best, natural ingredients we could get our hands on to create the cleanest, most effective products for you.

Amazonian White Clay – helps clean your skin by absorbing excess oil and water.

Buriti Oil – helps protect the skin and restore elasticity.

Murumuru Butter – helps stimulate the performance of collagen.

Guarana Extract – helps aid blood flow to the skin.

Acai Oil – helps firm and tighten, reducing the signs of wrinkles.

Take advantage of the mystery and enchantment of the Rainforest so you can look good while you conquer your day.

Not all skin products get the job done.

Your face is the story of your life. Your age. Your hardships. The good times. The bad. They all reflect in the lines, creases, and condition of your skin.

And while you don’t want to forget those times, your face doesn’t have to show it.

A simple skin care routine is essential to cleaner, more manly skin.

But where should you start?

Masks, serums, toners, exfoliants, scrubs, gels, soaps. We’re bored just writing this never-ending list…

And the number of steps and processes keeps going up and up – and the price tag with it. All in the name of reclaiming your youthful look.

But it’s not always about getting that youthful look. Your skin has different needs. YOU have different needs.

• Where are the products designed for men?
• To give men the confidence their skin is taken care of?
• That doesn’t take hours to follow?
• Or smell of women’s fragrances?

These products often didn’t exist. And when they did they had more steps than a build-it-yourself treehouse complete with water feature…


Introducing Amazology’s 3-Step Regimen for Men.

We took the power of the Amazon Rainforest and created the only 3 tools you need to keep your skin clean and ready to go.

Step 1. Remove dirt. Clean your skin of the grit, grime, and excess oil that builds up between washes. And settles in your pores. Unlike regular soap, Fearless Cleanser leaves you feeling fresh.

Step 2. Replace Nutrients. Your skin is the barrier to the outside world. Feed it with Defender Moisturizer’s soothing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Help balance and maintain optimal moisture content.

Step 3. Re-Energize Your Look. The softer areas of your face – the eyes, need special attention.
Apply Reclaim Eye Cream to help remove fine lines and those dark circles under your eyes.

The 5-minute, 3-Step Regimen gives you the ‘in your prime’ look to dominate your day.

Skin care, done right, for men. Because you have more important things to attend to.

Many Health


Simple and Effective

The best things in life are simple. They work hard so you don’t have to. Amazology provides powerful, yet effortless, skin care for the busy man.

You shouldn’t have to buy a cupboard full of product to get great results. The 3-Step Regimen is specifically formulated to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Reduce oily skin

Your skin needs some oil. Just not all of it. Remove the excess with naturally absorbent ingredients like White Clay. Your skin will look healthier. Feel Healthier. And leave you feeling fresh.

Fight acne and other skin blemishes

Keeping pores clean and unclogged is one way to kick acne. Adding the anti-microbial power of Murumuru Butter and Guarana Extract aids the fight against bacteria. Which causes many unwanted skin blemishes.

Protect your skin from harsh chemicals and toxins

Studies show that chemicals and toxins – both in the air and in daily use products – can cause a range of issues. From skin irritation to redness and acne. The natural ingredients found in Amazology products removes the need for additives and irritants.

Prevent dry, cracked, dull looking skin

Proper hydration, balanced for men’s skin, leaves your skin looking healthy and desirable. Buriti Oil and Acai Oil contain vitamin E and A which help promote hydration. As well as the beta carotene which helps reduce sensitivity to the sun.

Reduce puffiness and sagging skin

Stimulate the underlying collagen deep in your skin to firm it up. Restore your skin’s elasticity and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Reduce puffiness with Buriti Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties.

The Simple

3-Step Regimen That Takes 5 Minutes or Less

The problem is most skin care companies focus on women. And the reality is – your skin care needs are different.

Amazology is not just different. It’s in a class of its own. We formulate for men. Period. Which REQUIRES three things that most skin care brands don’t, or can’t, account for:


Men’s skin has more oil. Testosterone is responsible for that. Meaning your skin needs a product designed to balance the excess. Something that not only cleans your face but helps to absorb the additional oil your body naturally creates.

Skin care products that don’t take this into account can leave your face feeling greasy or ‘slick’.

Amazology products are made from naturally sourced ingredients, like Amazonian White Clay – in the exact quantities required to combat the extra oil from men’s higher testosterone levels.

Thick Skin

It’s not just a saying. Research shows that men have thicker skin than women. Sometimes as much as 20% - 30%. Thicker skin needs more penetration power to get to the lower layers.

A skin care product that only penetrates thin skin will leave excess product on your face. No matter how hard you try to massage it in. This excess will sometimes ‘dry’ into a thin white layer on your face.

Amazology uses the healing power of Murumuru butter to penetrate deep into the skin – to stimulate the collagen and elastin cells and repair damage from sun exposure and stress.


When you shave, you remove a thin layer of skin. Which helps to keep your skin looking fresh and new. However, new skin is more vulnerable to the elements and toxins you encounter in your daily life. Not to mention shaving can cause irritation for many men. Leading to more ingrown hairs and bumps.

Many products have harsh chemicals and parabens - or preservatives – in them to prevent the growth of bacteria. These chemicals can aggravate certain skin reactions and leave your skin feeling worse than it was before. Also, Parabens have estrogen-mimicking properties. Which may be tied to certain types of cancer.

Amazology products contain natural ingredients like Murumuru Butter and Guarana Extract. With built-in anti-microbial properties. To help keep harmful chemicals away from your skin.

  • Designed For Men
  • Soothing,Clean,Powerful Feeling
  • Helps Balance Oily Skin
  • Maintain Healthy,Vibrant Appearance
  • Minimize Effort. Maximize Results.
  • Naturally Protect Against Bacteria
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals and Parabens
  • Promotes Desirable, Manly Looking Skin

28 Days to a Healthier, More Vibrant Looking You

Skin has a 28-Day lifecycle. This means it completely replaces itself every 28 days. The old cliché, you are what you eat – and the environment you live in – is very true. Amazology’s 3-Step Regimen for men helps you protect your skin from the world around it. Now it’s easier than ever. Our 1, 2, 3, approach gives you amazing results without long, complex skin care routines.

1. Clean
2. Hydrate
3. Reawaken

Simple. Effective. Effortless.

Get Your 3-Step Regimen

Try it for 30 days. If you don’t feel a difference, we’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked. AND you get to keep the product. There’s absolutely no risk to you.

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  • Doug P. "Very nice product. Does not clog up my skin or make it feel greasy. No strong scent which is good. Very happy with it and will buy again." Individual results may vary.

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  • Joe G. "I started using Amazology’s Eye Repair right before I turned 50. The results were amazing. Wish I started sooner but better late than never!"Individual results may vary.

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  • Robert G."Amazology’s 3-Step Regimen is simple, easy and totally effective. Fine lines and wrinkles are gone, and complexion is clear. My fiancé noticed and said 50 is the new 40."

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Dear Frustrated Men,

Have you noticed? Over the past few years, more men are beginning to realize the importance of proper skin care and are placing a greater emphasis on their skin, hair, and body care regimen.

As the market begins to flood with complicated products that honestly don’t cleanse your skin the way you need. Men still lack a simple, yet powerful line of high-quality men’s products that cuts through the marketing fog and gives them exactly what they want. It was out of this sense of urgency that Amazology was born!

In search of a solution, our team traveled the world studying the earth’s natural elements in pursuit of the perfect combination of ingredients. Our pursuit landed us in the largest and most biodiverse tropical habitat on earth… THE AMAZON RAINFOREST. It was here that Amazology responsibly pioneered the use of the Amazon’s unique and powerful natural ingredients to help men achieve and maintain simple, but optimal skin and hair conditions.

Try Amazology and see how quickly you can achieve a natural, youthful glow!

Sincerely Yours,

- Mike Novielli, Co-founder & CEO

Frequently Asked


Amazology products are proudly made in the USA, though our primary botanical ingredients are responsibly sourced from the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Amazology products are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment and are lab-tested for compatibility, stability, specific gravity and pH balance.
Absolutely! All of our products are paraben- and sulfate-free, and have no artificial colors.
Amazology has a strict cruelty-free philosophy. No animals are harmed in the development, testing or manufacturing of our products.
We are confident that you will achieve your desired results with Amazology products, and we back up our promise with an unconditional money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, simply return the unused portion for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Just contact our customer support team at 800-353-3353 and you will receive hassle-free refund of your order price.
Many brands and products are confusing and unnecessarily complex. There aren’t any brands that simplify the process and offer personalization and inclusivity. Amazology provides powerful but simple solutions for your best skin.
While you may see immediate results from using our products, your skin takes 28 days to regenerate itself. Therefore, it is recommended you use our products for the full term in order to see full, long-lasting results.
QUESTIONS? E-mail - support@amazology.com  or call 800-353-3353

We stand behind
our products.

We’re certain you’ll love the 3-Step Regimen. Try it for 28 days. If you don’t see a difference in your skin let us know. We’ll send you a full refund IMMEDIATELY. No questions asked.

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